Since the nickel boom of the late 1960’s to early 1970’s Australia has produced a steady stream of world class and mid-tier nickel sulphide ore bodies including Mount Keith, Mount Windarra, Silver Swan, Cosmos and Nova.  Metal Rocks is seeking to continue this nickel sulphide discovery tradition by exploring the Rosewood Project which forms part of a continental flood basalt complex in the Northern Territory of Australia. Metal Rocks believes that this project is prospective for a Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element Norilsk-style mineralisation, with the continental flood basalt complex mentioned above showing encouraging signs of crustal contamination.


Norilsk Nickel is the largest nickel Company in the world and is based on the Norilsk-Talnakh mineralisation in the Siberian traps of Russia. The Rosewood project in the Northern Territory comprises part of the Antrim Plateau Volcanic (“APV”), which was a Cambrian aged eruption of slightly over 500 million years in age. While the Norilsk mines come from a much younger eruption, it has been hypothesised for several decades that the APV could be analogous if there was sufficient crustal contamination found. Metal Rocks believes that Rosewood’s Blackfellow Creek Fault is a strong analogous candidate for the Norilsk-Talnakh. To assist exploration in the area, the Northern Territory Government has recently offered dollar for dollar drilling funding.

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The Rosewood project is located in the Kalkarindji province region of the Northern Territory, 80km South East of Kununurra close to the Western Australia Border. The project comprises one tenement (EL 27412) and is approximately 92sq km. The tenement is 100% owned by Bralich Holdings Pty Ltd and Riding Resources Pty Ltd.  The tenement is currently under a Heads of Agreement with related company Metal Rocks Australasia Limited (“Metal Rocks Australasia”) whereby Metal Rocks Australasia will have the right to earn up to 50% of the project by the expenditure of a first A$200,000. Following this Metal Rocks Australasia may earn an additional 25% by the expenditure of a further A$500,000. ##

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Metal Rock’s first program of work in 2018 will be to commission geoscience consultants for a moving-loop SQUID electromagnetic (MLTEM) survey of 200m surveying over potential bedrock conductors.  This will be followed by drilling any defined targets to their required depths.

Investment opportunities exist for professional and sophisticated investors per s708 of the Corporations Act.  If interested, please contact the Company.

## Note the Rosewood joint venture is in the name of related company Metal Rocks Australasia, incorporated by the Directors of Metal Rocks Ltd (“Metal Rocks”) to facilitate a London AIM listing in 2018.  Shareholders in Metal Rocks will receive an equal number of shares in Metal Rocks Australasia by the time of listing.  Metal Rocks will perform the operational work at Rosewood on behalf of Metal Rocks Australasia.